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Specializing in Sports and Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Taos Physical Therapy offers evaluation and treatment of a wide variety of orthopedic, joint and spine conditions. TPT’s physical therapists educate a patient about their condition and design a treatment program, which may include manual therapy and exercises, that will maximize recovery. Our goal is to see you return to work, home or sports as quickly and fully as possible.

Examination and treatment for:

  • Foot and ankle pathology
  • Hip and knee pain
  • Shoulder and Elbow problems
  • Post-operative rehabilitation
  • Total joint replacement

Comprehensive spinal examination and treatment:

  • Neck and back pain
  • Post surgical and Non-surgical joint and disc conditions
  • Spinal Manual Therapy
  • Core Stabilization Programs

Workforce Testing

TPT offer companies and industries programs that address work related injuries and assure the physical health of their employees. Our knowledgeable therapists educate employees in the prevention of injury and the optimal approach to work that will maintain and improve their health in their work environment.

  • Ergonomic Workstation Assessment
  • Jobsite Evaluation
  • Work Hardening

Work Steps

TPT is a certified WorkSteps provider, specializing in creating a safer more effective workplace. This functional employment testing program is comprised of legally compliant tests for all stages of employment. The protocols, procedures and processes are designed and performed to match a worker’s functional capabilities with the essential functions of the job.

New Hires

  • Pre-offer agility testing
  • Post- offer comprehensive evaluation
  • Upper Quadrant/ carpal tunnel

Existing Workers

  • Post employment physical agility testing
  • Upper Quadrant/ carpal tunnel

Injured Workers

  • Fit of Duty Evaluations
  • Functional capacity Evaluations (FCE)
  • Sincerity of Effort Tests

Manual Therapy

Manual physical therapy uses specific hands-on techniques to diagnose, manipulate and mobilize and treat soft tissues and joints providing pain relief; increased range of motion; reducing or eliminating inflammation; inducing relaxation; improving tissue repair, flexibility, stability, movement and function.

Our staff has extensive training in manual therapy. TPT offers a range of manual therapy techniques, including:

  • Myofacial Release (MFR)
  • Joint mobilization
  • Joint manipulation
  • Spinal mobilization
  • Spinal manipulation
  • Manual lymphatic Drainage (Vodder Technique)
  • Muscle energy technique (MET)
  • Manual traction
  • Strain counter strain
  • Trigger point release

Vestibular / Neurology

Vestibular Physical therapy addresses vertigo and dizziness and can also be helpful in treating balance disorders. This type of therapy targets dizziness and balance problems that start in the inner ear which, along with vision and sensation, maintain body balance. When one of these systems is compromised the result is dizziness or balance problems. Often our therapists test balance, coordination, motion sensitivity, strength, eye function and functional activities to evaluate the problem and determine the best course of treatment. People who can benefit from vestibular physical therapy include those who have suffered a stroke, head injury, or concussion; have a history of inner ear problems, vertigo, dizziness, or diabetes; and elderly patients who suffer from balance deficits, decreased reaction time and movement speed.

TPT therapists are trained in the treatment of vestibular disorders. Evaluation of the vestibular, visual and sensation systems are completed to determine the brains ability to utilize this information and maintain balance. Once a vestibular evaluation is completed a treatment plan is designed to address the systems deficits.

Concussion Management

TPT is a proud clinic of the Complete Concussion Management Inc. (CCMI) Partnership Program—a network of clinics around the world offering evidence-based concussion care.

From initial pre-season baseline testing to concussion treatment and rehabilitation, as partnered CCMI practioners, we collaborate with primary care physicians to co-manage concussions, helping patients and athletes safely return to learn, work, and play.

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