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Patient Testimonials
  • Robert I.
    4 months ago
    I am totally satisfied with my time here with Taos Physical Therapy. Paige was excellent to work with and would recommend her to anyone needs help.
  • Bruce H.
    9 months ago
    Great staff very helpful extremely knowledgeable Bryan and Alicia were very helpful went the extra mile to get me pain free and skiing again
  • Marie M.
    2 years ago
    Thanks to the wonderful people here at TPT. They have done wonders for my hurts! I appreciate all the work they do! Positive feedback and wonderful energy at this place of work and healing.
  • Burton L.
    2 years ago
    Well organized facility in terms of scheduling and talented therapists. Alicia manages to attract a group of well educated therapists to whom the clinics' well being is the guidepost. A wonderful and healing experience!
  • Gordon R.
    2 years ago
    Feel great! Thanks Taos Physical Therapy! You guys are awesome. I especially am impressed with the knowledge, professionalism and team work. Great atmosphere; everyone works as a team!
  • Ross M.
    3 years ago
    Thank you so much for making my shoulder as strong as ever!! I am now back to climbing at 100% and do not feel like my previous injury is holding me back.
  • Carmen L.
    3 years ago
    I am grateful for the professional staff and services I received. I am grateful that these services are available here in Taos, NM . With a grateful heart--Thank you.
  • Geronimo V.
    3 years ago
    To anybody needing therapy...I just love this place soooo much!!!! I've had therapy here several times and everybody is helpful and I have recovered 100%. I thank each and everyone with my whole heart and soul.
  • Jenny K.
    3 years ago
    As a licensed healthcare professional, I know the importance of quality of care-clinical, and compassionate customer service. As a patient at Taos PT, I have experienced this both pre- and post-op. Thank you Team TPT for your compassionate care and fantastic outcome. I'm jumping for joy...Really!!
  • Shannon Y.
    4 years ago
    Taos Physical Therapy has been a part of my life for over a year! They are awesome!!! They helped me before my surgery to get me prepared and after my surgery to get me back to a regular life! It was the hardest thing I've ever done not only physically but emotionally and they understand that! They were always there on my good days my bad days and my worst days! I would not have gotten through the hardest part of my life without the people at Taos Physical Therapy! From the minute you walk in the first person you see to the last person you see and everyone in between they are all great people! A special shout out to my 2 amazing therapist who I also call my friends Josh and Leo I appreciate everything you guys did for me, I would not have made it without you! Today was my last visit exactly 6 months after my spine surgery! And when I left I drove away with tears in my eyes because of the greatest that we accomplished together!!!!
  • Stephanie P.
    4 years ago
    After I broke my arm and underwent surgery, I was in a pretty bad space both emotionally and physically. I thought I would never feel hopeful or positive again regarding being my old self and enjoying my favorite activities. I felt down at 54 years old. It was with this mindset that I first stepped into the haven that is Taos Physical Therapy. Everyone from the front desk to the therapists immediately set out to reassure me I was in good hands, and I was. In particular, Leo Kaeck, literally changed my negative perspective to a more hopeful one over the course of just a few visits. Not only was Leo patient and kind to a fault, but his encouragement and amazing intuition proved to be instrumental in taking me out of that negative fog. And those were just a few things Leo did right. He's also an extremely knowledgeable and skilled therapist, knowing just when to push and when to back off. He knew my injuries and how best to work with them on an almost greater level than my surgeon. Not once did I feel out of my depth or ability level, and each week only made me feel more positive and on-track. I'll never be 20 again, but I'm well on my way to recovery, and for that I'll forever be so very grateful to Leo and staff for all they did for me. Thank all of you at Taos Physical Therapy; I'll always be grateful for all you've done!
  • Charlie A.
    4 years ago
    I have had the good fortune (or bad fortune depending upon your point of view) of working with the therapists at Taos Physical Therapy for many years. "Bad Fortune" because of recurrent knee, shoulder and back problems. "Good Fortune" because they helped me a lot in rehabilitation and in maintaining good health. In addition, as a physician I have referred many clients with injuries or physical problems to Taos Physical Therapy over the years and I've been very pleased by their outcome. I highly recommend TPT for clients and friends and I won't hesitate to go back myself if the need arises.
  • Marty L.
    4 years ago
    I suffered a severe knee injury and believed that I would never fully recover and ski at the same high performance level. After my rehabilitation with Taos Physical Therapy my strength has recovered to its fullest for which I can say that I feel even stronger than I did before the injury.
  • Bob W.
    4 years ago
    By the spring of 2010, it was apparent that I was going to require a total knee replacement. Prior to surgery the orthopedic surgeon recommended a regime of physical therapy to strengthen both knees and legs to aid in recovery. I started pre-surgical strengthening at Taos Physical Therapy the summer of 2010, had a total knee replacement in August of 2010, returned for post-surgery physical therapy a week or so after the operation, and have continued a regime of reconditioning ever since (approximate 18 months). The entire Taos Physical Therapy organization, from the owner physical therapists, to the staff physical therapists, to the technical support team, has treated me with nothing but the most professional of care, and a sense of dedication and good humor always supportive of my efforts. Thanks in large measure to their work, I am once again able to participate in the outdoor activities (hiking, fly fishing, cross-country skiing) that attracted us to Taos so many years ago.
  • Pete T.
    4 years ago
    On November 1, 2004 I had a stroke and was taken to St Vincent's Hospital in Santa Fe, NM for recovery and therapy. Then I was transferred to the TLC in Taos to get stronger and to get more therapy. Due to my stroke I lost the use of my left arm and hand. I have never recovered the use of it. On August 1, 2005 thru November 16, 2005 I went to Taos Physical Therapy in Taos, NM for additional physical therapy. While I was there, Ron Holmes was instrumental in teaching me to learn to walk long distances with a quad cane. He showed me techniques on how to walk down a ramp with a slight decline, showed me how to walk outside on gravel and go over concrete blocks in the parking area. He showed me techniques on opening the car door and how to get into the car on my own. Michelle Bowen and Marlene Miera helped me with the exercise bike and transfers in and out of my wheel chair and other therapy. I was pleased with all the therapists and staff at the facility.
  • Maxine O.
    4 years ago
    I have been going to physical therapy for six months, having two total knee replacements three months apart, I would not be able to walk if it wasn't for the therapist and their assistants. They work with you, push you to more and more exercise, work exercise machines and work with you individually. From massage to their kind words. They are very professional, caring and understanding. I started going three times a week and at present, twice a week. I appreciate everything they have done for me. The atmosphere is very clean and friendly. Thank you all so much. God Bless You All!
  • Doris L.
    4 years ago
    Well I had surgery here in Taos I had my meniscus repaired. I was sent to Taos Physical Therapy which is one of the best therapy places we have in Taos. My therapist which Alicia Esparza is an awesome person. She cares about her patients. She works with you. I would recommend anyone this place to come and feel better and get well. Marilyn, which I got to know, is great also. Plus the other assistants she has working with her. Thank you so much. God Bless and continue doing the work for our community and the patients. I was very impressed with the help they gave to recover from my surgery.
  • Ed B.
    4 years ago
    Alicia and all of the staff are very professional, knowledgeable, and caring. They were able to address all my questions and concerns and helped me meet all of my rehabilitation goals. I highly recommend them!
  • Francis M.
    4 years ago
    I was involved in a one vehicle accident in which I did some serious injury to my left knee. Before I had surgery I went to Taos Physical Therapy for therapy on my knee to get strength and mobility. It really helped to get my strength back. Taos Physical Therapy staff has made me really grateful and happy for all they have done for me. I have strongly recommended other people who need physical therapy to go to Taos Physical Therapy. I thank all of the staff for their help and friendship that they gave me.
  • Sue F.
    4 years ago
    I walked into Taos Physical Therapy when it was prescribed for me, I really didn't know what to expect. I found very knowledgeable instructors, who were there to teach and help me. These instructors soon became close knit friends. I always left feeling much better, without new medication, and much more knowledge of my body, that only help me in my future. I decided to literally, "suck up everything they could teach me." I found I was elated every time it was suggested to go to Taos Physical Therapy again by my doctor. Now if they could just prevent -- , wouldn't that be something?? Thank you Taos Physical Therapy for always being there, with wonderful instructors. We will be back, because we love living life.

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